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Outback Landscape Oil Painting of Menindee Lake, NSW SOLD

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This post is Introducing Diane Markey Aspiring Artist

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As an Australian aspiring artist I draw on my many memories of where I have lived and worked in this unique and amazing nation. My Australian Seascape and Landscape Oil Paintings are inspired by the admiration built over a lifetime of travel. Of course, as I travelled both for family vacations and as part of my role in middle management, camera was always handy. Therefore, I have my own visual library as a source for my paintings.

I have only been painting for a very short time. Just a couple of years. My mother, Mary, was a successful Watercolor Artist. She, too, is a motive behind the decision to give painting a try as a source of both income and joy in my life.

I am both fascinated and amazed at the diverse and wild beauty of Australian nature. I have lived on the mid-north coast of N.S.W. for many years. And, at the present time in western N.S.W. The changing scenery and it’s breath-taking character inspired me to put brush to canvas. It surprised me just how much I could capture in this special way. 

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Personal Art Blog

I welcome all and any Comments and Suggestions to help me to grow as an aspiring artist. 

I,of course, have to acknowledge that my skills are so limited. So, I take advantage of as many online courses as I can. Undertaking art lessons from the local gallery and read books on artists who painted in Realism and Impressionism, the two styles I favour. 

I am still surprised how quickly I have grown in my craft. As this small Online Art Gallery will testify. My Seascape & Landscape Oil Paintings are a true pleasure to create and take me back to the times spent strolling along the beaches I paint.

Yes, of course, my journey has just begun. I learn more and more from each new creation and each online course. I have entered a Portrait Contest at the Local Gallery, putting my skills in this arena on view.

I am excited to say that I have already sold a couple of my Oil Paintings through this Online Art Gallery. WOW!!!

Another part of my journey as an artist is the successful development and ongoing running of my own website. Where you are now reading my blog.

This is another creation that I enjoy. And I learn so much each and every day.

Google is my best friend in this venture. So much can be learnt from a search and a click of the mouse.

When you browse through my Oil Paintings you will see just how amazing I believe Australia to be. And, that my Seascape and Landscape Oil Paintings are my way of saying “Thank you” for the privilege of living in this unique nation.

I am in the middle of another Australian Seascape Oil Painting and cannot wait each day to put brush to canvas.

I strive to put what I learn into each new painting – but sadly sometimes I don’t achieve what I aim for. These paintings are hanging on the walls of family members and friends.

I have been fortunate to have several paintings accepted in Art Shows and that boosts me to try even harder.

Well, till-next-time, Diane.

I would love to hear from you, please do contact me. I promise to reply promptly.

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