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Oil Portrait From Photos — Handpainted Portraits From Photos

 Create Custom Personalised Portraits in Oil from a Photo.

I will work alongside you as I transform a treasured photo into a Custom Painting From Photos of you or your loved one.

To ensure that the Handpainted Portrait From Photos is truly what you will be happy with, and will be proud to display. I will form a working relationship with you. Of course, all questions will be answered to your satisfaction prior to the commencement of the actual painting.

All I require from you is a photo to use as the visual source for the Custom Painting From Photos. The better the reference photos the better the completed Personal Portrait.

Ongoing conversations throughout the Custom Painting From Photos project allows us to travel together on a pathway to reach your desired destination. 

This process of transforming a photo into a Handpainted Portrait From Photos will bring you a lifetime of pleasure – I believe. I can work alongside you and Moree Custom Framing to arrange a suitable frame if required.

When choosing custom portraits on commission through me you are choosing a journey of capturing a memory in oils on canvas. 

You decide on such requirements as the size, style of canvas, the subject and colours of the background, etc. The technique/style to be used to illustrate the subject of the portrait, etc., is also a choice that you and will discuss prior to start of the actual painting.

I paint in professional quality oil paints on stretched canvas. 

Custom Painting From Photos on commission usually takes approximately 6 weeks to complete.

Prices ranges from $250.00 depending on size and style of canvas, etc. For example, linen canvas is far more expensive than normal canvas. Yet, I believe gives a far better completed portrait and therefore lasting memory. 

I welcome all enquiries and look forward to hearing from you.

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oil portrait from photos
Handpainted Portrait From Photos

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