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Welcome!!! Australian Artist Forum 

Storytelling through Original Oil Seascapes and Landscapes.

This Australian Art Blog is where I share a little of who I am as a Professional Artist. Along with my true passion of transforming Australia’s outstanding beauty in oils on canvas.

My Personal Art Blog is my forum where I welcome all my readers to participate in my growth as a painter. I am amazed at how wonderful Australia’s nature truly is and I recognize my limits in transposing this onto canvas. So, I seek wisdom in this from any person willing to share!!!

Again, I am an Australian artist who loves to paint Seascape and Landscape Oil Paintings that capture the amazing beauty of this unique nation. Just a Learner but proud of my accomplishments so far.

I also paint small/simple watercolor paintings in landscapes and abstract styles. I also enjoy painting these simple watercolor paintings as they only take a short time to start and complete. I am satisfied with each one and learn again so much from online courses. 

Google again being my best friend in the growth in watercolor techniques and styles. The simplicity style where one paints the background first – then simply drops on the desired foregroud is a favorite of mine for the watercolor abstract that I so do enjoy creating.

I have painted Personal Portraits and Pet Portraits for family members and strive to grow in this challenging arena as well. Google againg providing much online tuition in these avenues. There is so much to learn and from so many experts. My mind sometimes feels like a saturated sponge.

This Personal Art Blog is my forum that introduces both myself and my original collection of artwork and portrait services.

My passion for painting truly surprises me each and everyday. This prized gift from God is a treasure that I want to share and I use this website as a venue to do so.

I also thrive on the challenge of the development and running of this ecommerce website. On which you are reading this blog. Life is never boring!!! I am looking forward to sharing my passion with you, my valued Readers.

I surprise myself on days when my keyword search reveals that I am on page one of Google and in the first four rows. Hard work seems to be paying off. I have had a few comments via my Blog also, great.

Well, enough of my rambling.

Have a wonderful day, Diane.

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watercolor painting of lone tree
solitary tree watercolor
watercolor painting of a tree
trees in wind
watercolor trees in wind
abstract star
Abstract Watercolor 1
abstract 2/4
Abstract Watercolor 2
abstract 3/4
Abstract Watercolor 3
abstract 4/4
Abstract Watercolor 4


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Seascape Oil Painting of Tacking Point Beach
Oil Painting of Tacking Point Lighthouse
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australian seascape oil painting of noosa heads


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personal art blog
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